Why KiddieMundo?

We created KiddieMundo out of love for family travel, to transform the way parents find kid-friendly activities, accommodations and restaurants – anywhere in the world.

As parents and long-term expats we noticed how frustrating and time-consuming it was to comb through multiple websites in order to find reliable family-friendly attractions and fun activities for the kids. No matter the destination we kept finding the same cliché top 10 tourist attractions (often not so family-friendly after all) and it was almost impossible to find unique places known only to the locals.

The best suggestions came always from other parents!

KiddieMundo was created by parents for parents, providing a powerful platform where all moms and dads can easily search and filter through family-friendly attractions in different parts of the world, discover and share favorite kid-friendly places and activities, and exchange tips about family outings.

Who we are?

Gosia / co-founder

I am a former marketing executive, a photographer by passion and a world traveler at heart. I was born in Poland but living in 5 different countries has made me feel like a citizen of the world. I feel home wherever I happen to live because home is always where we plant our hearts.

Since I can remember, traveling was my long-life obsession and I was pleased to share this passion with my kids who have the same drive for adventure I had: they love to explore, learn about new cultures and see new things.

Being an expat mom and a traveler taught me that it’s not always easy to navigate through a cluster of travel websites to identify fun things to see and do with kids. And I observed that most of the time other parents were the best go-to experts who not only know best where to go with children but also share amazing tips nobody else writes about. And here is where the idea of KiddieMundo came from.

I currently live in Mexico City, which is one of the best family-friendly places I’ve ever been, sharing an expat life with my American husband and our 7-year old twins. Our favorite destinations are Poland, United States, Bali and various European countries.

Gosia’s tip: Travel is the most fun when you’re spontaneous. But when you travel with kids the dynamics changes a little and you will enjoy it more when you are a little more prepared.

Anna / co-founder

I am a former advertising executive, mom and a passionate traveler. I’m also my family’s CEO (chief entertainment officer) and admittedly, a search engine junkie. There is nothing I can’t find online.

I’ve been on the move since I turned 16, lived in 4 different countries and visited too many to list. However, traveling with children brings it’s own challenges and I’ve often been asked to share tips and ideas for family travel.

I co-created KiddieMundo out of the need of exchanging experiences, tips and insights, and making it easier for parents to find kid-friendly places, anywhere they go.

I currently live in Seattle WA, with my Italian husband and our 8-year old daughter. Our favorite destinations are Poland, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Canada, and of course the Pacific Northwest, which never ceases to impress.

Anna’s tip: Don’t be a tourist, blend in and enjoy the day like a local.