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9 March 2018
by kiddiemundo

70+ Fun Places for Kids in Warsaw

Thinking about visiting Warsaw with your family? Or maybe you already live there as an expat?  Either way, we think you will find our selection of activities extremely useful. We created for you a list of over 70 hand-picked indoor and outdoor places that you and your children will enjoy (and the list is growing). Check them all out on our website and share your opinion about the places you have visited. You can also add your own discoveries to our portal, so other parents will be able to discover them too. Here is a sample of what we have:



Money Centre of NBP_KiddieMundoMoney Centre of the National Bank of Poland

This place  will tell your kids the story of money and will introduce them to the economic education in a fascinating way. The exhibition space is divided into 16 themed halls. There is a room where you can learn about the history of money. There is a numismatics gallery with an impressive collection of coins. Other rooms introduce visitors to the financial systems, the stock exchange, financial markets, currency unions, and the production process of money. Guests can enjoy 250 multimedia installations and an extensive collection of artifacts.


Copernicus Science CenterCopernicus Science Center

Copernicus Science Centre is a place you cannot miss. It is a modern science museum – one of the most advanced institutions of this type in Europe. The museum contains over 450 interactive exhibits, a planetarium, laboratories and a surrounding Discovery Park. From there you can also walk to the Roof Garden of the Warsaw University Library where you can admire one of the largest and the most beautiful roof-top botanical gardens in Europe and the view of the Vistula river, the National Stadium, the Old Town, and the Swietokrzyski Bridge.


POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

An interactive museum located on the site of the former Warsaw Ghetto. The exhibition is made up of eight galleries presenting the heritage and culture of Polish Jews. Each exhibit addresses a different era in the long history of the Jewish people in Poland from when they first arrived until today. The museum also features a canteen-style kosher restaurant and a child-dedicated space called King Matt’s Family Education Area. The latter is intended for children aged 4-9. There, kids can spend time in a warm, creative atmosphere playing and learning without any time limits.


Charm of the PRL

The “Charm of the PRL”

This is one of a kind museum where you can experience the atmosphere of Polish socialism and taste a bit how it was to live in the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) during the communism. The museum is filled with souvenirs and symbols of the bygone era. You will find there: a cabinet of a party dignitary; propaganda posters; a typical family apartment filled with authentic furniture and household items;  the only one in Poland stationary soda dispenser and many, many more. For children, there is also a play corner where they can enjoy old toys from the communism time.



Vistulan BoulevardsVistulan Boulevards

In Polish they are called Bulwary Wiślane. They are located on the western side of the Vistula river from Poniatowski Bridge to Gdanski Bridge. This is a perfect place for a family walk (over two kilometers), or a bike ride. Vistulan Boulevards feature benches, green areas, beaches with solar terraces, statues (on some of them it’s possible to climb on), cafes and more.




Pole Mokotowskie

This is a huge park complex, right near the centre of Warsaw.
It is a typical sports and recreation green space, with wide walking boulevards and bicycle paths, as well as a lovely fountain. The park also has a monument that especially delights children: the Monument of the Happy Dog. Pole Mokotowskie park has two playgrounds – one close to the Batorego street entrance, and the other one on the opposite side of the park, close to Metro Politechnika. Older kids can find basketball courts, ping-pong tables or a skateboard ramp.


Warsaw University Botanic Garden


The Warsaw University Botanic Garden

It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Poland – it’s estimated to be about 200 years old. It is located right next to Łazienki Park. It has a collection of greenhouses with exotic species from all over the world including very unusual beech trees from China. In July, the Botanic Garden features an amazing Rose Festival and many open-air performances and concerts, perfect for families with small children. Numerous thematic exhibitions are organized in the gardens, as well.



The Palace in Wilanów 

The palace-park complex is located at the end of the Warsaw Royal Route. You can visit there a palace with Royal Apartments and the Gallery of Polish Portrait, and a picturesque park – a 45 hectares space which comprises a lake, a two-level Baroque garden, a neo-Renaissance rose garden, an English landscape park and an English-Chinese landscape park. Gardens are decorated with sculptures, fountains and miniature samples of architecture. In a winter, the Palace features the Royal Garden of Light, which is an outdoor exhibit of amazing light installations.



KiddieMundo-Górka-Szczęśliwicka-1Gorka Szczesliwicka

It is vast park area (3.5ha) tucked in the western part of Ochota district in Warsaw. It seems that in this park anyone who is into active lifestyle will find something they like. It offers green open space for Cross-Fit enthusiasts; paths for running, roller blading or nordic walking; a small lake for fishing and kayaking; playgrounds; beach volleyball and basketball courts; tennis and ping-pong and an outdoor pool complex. The biggest attraction however provides the skiing & snowboarding hill. It’s open all year long and offers lesson, camps as well as winter gear rentals.


Rope Park BielanyRope Park Bielany

This is a family-friendly place where you can experience high flying adventure without the need for special mountaineering training. The park offers 5 routes tailored to different skill levels. The youngest adventurers can start their deed with the Blue route which invites as young kids as 3 years old.





Crux Boulder

Crux Boulder has a wall specifically designed for children with the grips selected for the youngest, which ensures safety and facilitates climbing. Parents can enjoy a coffee at Hoża 51 Café, looking at their children through the large glass separating Crux Boulder from the Café. For parents who like to climb and bring their children along, Crux has created a play area where kids can spend time enjoying games, drawing or playing with blocks. This is the largest gym of this type within the city center of Warsaw.


Stacja Grawitacja

Stacja Grawitacja

Or Gravitation Station in English. It is another place perfect for rainy days in Warsaw. It offers fun activities for the entire family. The minimum required age is 3 y.o., however children between 3 and 6 years of age can use the park only under parental supervision. Stacja offers the following attractions: trampolines, indoor rope park, and climbing walls for adults and children. To guarantee availability of space, it is always recommended to make a prior reservation.


Are you looking for more? Check KiddieMundo’s website where you can search for kid-friendly activities in Warsaw (and other places) using various filters such as type of activity, recommended age and more.