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KiddieMundo is your go-to source for family-friendly destinations
and children attractions all over the world. We help you cut through
the clutter to find the best “parent-approved” places and things
to do with kids. In our community parents are the experts.


With KiddieMundo you can:

Find exactly what you’re looking for.
SEARCH: parent-recommended activities by type, location, child's age & more.

Make the best of your time with kids.
DISCOVER: attractions in your neighborhood or places you plan to visit.

Share your expert opinions.
REVIEW: places you visited to help other parents stay better informed.

Let others in on your latest finds.
SHARE: your discoveries of kid-friendly attractions, restaurants & hotels.

With KiddieMundo you will quickly:

  • get last minute ideas for things to do with kids anywhere you are
  • discover kid friendly attractions or activities while traveling
  • find places that will suit your family’s unique needs
  • plan stress-free family trips full of interesting activities so you can make the best of your time
  • learn about kid-friendly places you never knew existed
  • find “insider” tips shared by other parents and caregivers


KiddieMundo is perfect for:

  • parents & caregivers
  • expat families
  • family travelers
  • everybody who wants to learn more about family-friendly activities & destinations
    all over the world – including in their own “backyard”

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