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Africam Safari

Africam Safari is a safari park is about 3 hours drive from Mexico City (only 17 kilometres from the city of Puebla), where you can immerse in the animal habitats, which very closely resemble the wild. The Park has approximately 2500 animals of 350 species that roam freely and you can observe them from your own vehicle or the park’s guided buses.

Africam Safari has several habitats, including African Savannah, American steppes, Tropical Jungle, Mexican Forest, Tiger Lake, Lion Territory and walk-through adventure zone that features butterfly and bat exhibits, an insectarium, kangaroo exhibit, chimpanzees, hippopotamus and a botanical garden.

In addition, African Safari offers bird shows, restaurants and a zip line.

Information about admission.

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    • Up to 1 hour
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    • Free
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      Features confirmed by parents

      • Parking on-site
      • Restaurant or food for purchase
      • Restrooms
      • Wheelchair/stroller access

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    USA, Washington DC

    8, 8

    Full day filled with excitement

    Reviewed 04 April 2017

    We really loved our experience there. You can enter the Safari either in your own car or join one of the buses operated by the park. You drive through different sections of the safari and animals are right next to or in front of you. For most of the time you can keep your windows open and the only time you have to roll them up is in the part with the dangerous species (tigers, bears). My kids particularly loved the last section of the safari called Adventure Zone where you can feed beautiful Australian birds (they are so tame they literally sit on you), pet a kangaroo, stand face to face with emus, or crawl through a special tunnel to see a sleeping leopard right above your head. Really amazing experience.This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Practical info

    Carlos Camacho Espíritu, Oasis
    72960 Puebla, Mexico
    +52 (222) 281 70 00


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