De Nekker



De Nekker

De Nekker is recreational area near Brussels where you can swim in the park’s lake, run, relax on the vast lawns or on a beach, play or just go for a walk. The Center has various outdoor playgrounds, sport fields, running tracks as well as a big indoor playground and a world-class swimming pool. There is a modest dining facility with a snack bar and tables indoors and out.


    • This place is good for

    • Little kids
    • Grade schoolers
    • Tweens
    • Teens
    • Everyone
    • Children with
      special needs
    • Recommended length

    • Up to 1 hour
    • 1-3 hours
    • Half a day
    • Full day
    • A day is not enough
    • Price

    • Free
    • $
    • $$
    • $$$

      Features confirmed by parents

      • Parking on-site
      • Available discounts
      • Kid's party facilities
      • Restaurant or food for purchase
      • Restrooms
      • Wheelchair/stroller access

Reviews (2)

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    A Great Value for the Price

    Reviewed 14 August 2016

    Located only about 30 min from the bulk of Brussels, De Nekker is closer than the shore and likely a whole lot more fun. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised that after forking out 60,70, 100 Euros for Children's attractions in the Brussels area, this park cost me only 10 Euros total for me and my two boys (5/8). The park is broken up into several playgrounds and a lakefront beach. I had to pull them away. The cafeteria also was affordable and had decent quality fare. Lifeguards were available too, so there was no need to keep the constant watchful eye on the kids and I could enjoy my book. Overall, a great place that, given the price, I could see us returning to pretty often. We spent three hours there, and the boys could have easily spent another hour or two there.This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    One of our favorite outdoor venues near Brussels to visit with the kids

    Reviewed 03 August 2016

    This is one of several outdoor parks we returned to several times when seeking a place outdoors where the kids could play and we could visit with other adults (or just each other). There is a modest entrance fee at the gate, but then plenty for the kids to do on the multiple playgrounds, including one mostly placed in the small lake where kids could splash around or swim. The dining facility is not very fancy, but there are enough items on the menu to make a decent snack or lunch. Adults can enjoy a Belgian beer while watching the kids on one of the playgrounds. It's a fairly simple place, so don't set your expectations too high and you might enjoy it as well as we did.This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Practical info

    Nekkerspoel-Borcht 19, Mechelen, Belgium
    2800 Mechelen, Belgium
    032 015 55 70 05


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