Ice Skating Poseidon



Ice Skating Poseidon

Ice skating Poseidon is the only rink in Belgium focused on leisure ice-skating.

In addition Poseidon offers:

  • Kindergarten – designed for toddlers so they can enjoy the pleasure of skating in a safe and fun environment. Kindergarten is open every Sunday from 10 am till 1.45 pm. Closed while resurfacing the ice (12h00-12h15). Access reserved for children not taller than 1M25 with skates on.
  • Disco – every Friday evenings from 7pm till 10pm, young and old can enjoy skating to the music with special light effects and lasers, which create a unique atmosphere.
  • Lessons – private skating lessons for young and old at 8€ per 15 minutes. Lessons are only by appointment.

Information about admission is here.

    • This place is good for

    • Little kids
    • Grade schoolers
    • Tweens
    • Teens
    • Everyone
    • Children with
      special needs
    • Recommended length

    • Up to 1 hour
    • 1-3 hours
    • Half a day
    • Full day
    • A day is not enough
    • Price

    • Free
    • $
    • $$
    • $$$

      Features confirmed by parents

      • Parking on-site
      • Access by public transportation

Reviews (2)

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    Great family skating rink

    Reviewed 19 February 2017

    We took our four year olds skating in the ''kindergarten'' area of the rink on our first visit. They loved the freedom and had a wonderful time skating around and around. We rented skates there and it was a relatively easy process. Later, when they were five years old, they took lessons with an instructor at Poseidon and we also did some family skating on the larger rink. There is a restaurant for proper meals and birthday parties, but also a small stand beside the rink for waffles, hot cocoa, milled wine, etc. I would highly recommend this awesome indoor/outdoor rink for families. This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Many years of fun

    Reviewed 19 February 2017

    I grew up in the Tomberg neighbourhood and went to the Ice Rink many times, at all ages. It has always been a lot of fun for me, my family and my friends. There are not a lot of opportunities to go Ice Skating in Brussels, they generally are temporary and crowded. The Poseidon Ice Rink is open a good part of the year and can be enjoyed at all ages; however, I do not recommend it with young children (less than 5) during weekends and holidays as it gets busy and the big children are not always careful. This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Practical info

    Avenue des Vaillants 4
    1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium
    +32 (0)2/762.16.33


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