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Planckendael Zoo

Planckendael Zoo hosts exotic animals like rhinos, koalas, giraffes, zebras, bonobos and many others. The zoo is divided into five continents with interesting trails running through each of them. When you walk through each of these sections, you feel as if you’ve just entered a different geographical zone. In addition to animal exhibits, the Park has extensive leisure facilities, lawns where you can rest a bit, and various play areas for kids, including an extensive series of rope bridges.


    • This place is good for

    • Little kids
    • Grade schoolers
    • Tweens
    • Teens
    • Everyone
    • Children with
      special needs
    • Recommended length

    • Up to 1 hour
    • 1-3 hours
    • Half a day
    • Full day
    • A day is not enough
    • Price

    • Free
    • $
    • $$
    • $$$

      Features confirmed by parents

      • Parking on-site
      • Available discounts
      • English available
      • Restaurant or food for purchase
      • Restrooms
      • Wheelchair/stroller access

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    Pricey but Good

    Reviewed 08 August 2016

    The Zoo requires a minimum of about six hours to see all the major exhibits. Overall, it was a great experience for the kids. The animals seemed to be in good health and the exhibits were in relatively good condition. I was taken a little aback by the price of admission. For two kids and two adults with parking, the price was right around 100 Euros. Of course, with lunch, ice cream, and a bunch of other little amenities, expect to leave the zoo 150 Euros lighter than you arrived, so try to find a day with nice weather (yes, this is a challenge in Belgium as today was supposed to be sunny and come the morning, the forecast changed to cloudy with a chance of rain). The Europe, America, Oceana, and Africa sections followed a logical path, but the Asia section I found slightly confusing. And although one could find maps around, there were not the usual signs for major attractions. Yet, once we got the hang of it, we were able to navigate the park pretty easily. The highlights were the Penguins, Parrots, and Giraffes. Having been to many major zoos, I was impressed by their collection of Giraffes. Rarely have I seen so many together. They are really elegant creatures and watching them move in a group was really something else. This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Poland, Warsaw, Poland

    It's not only a Zoo

    Reviewed 03 August 2016

    We loved this Zoo and with the annual passes we visited it with my two pre-schoolers quite often. The zoo is large and beautifully located, and has a number of attractions (e.g. playgrounds, rope bridges and petting zoo) as well as interesting exhibits (e.g. an Indian village or American Indian teepees) to keep kids active for hours. This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Practical info

    Leuvensesteenweg 582
    2812 Mechelen, Belgium
    +32 15 41 49 21


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