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Planet Kids

Planet Kids is an indoor and outdoor playground with a go-cart circuit, inflatable castle, electric cars and separate 4-floor indoor play structure. While the chidren have fun, the parents can relax and enjoy a snack, coffee or beer in an open area cafe.

    • This place is good for

    • Little kids
    • Grade schoolers
    • Tweens
    • Teens
    • Everyone
    • Children with
      special needs
    • Recommended length

    • Up to 1 hour
    • 1-3 hours
    • Half a day
    • Full day
    • A day is not enough
    • Price

    • Free
    • $
    • $$
    • $$$

      Features confirmed by parents

      • Parking on-site
      • A baby changing station
      • English available
      • Kid's party facilities
      • Restaurant or food for purchase
      • Restrooms

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    A Good Spot for a Rainy Day

    Reviewed 15 August 2016

    The proximity of Planet Kid's to Brussels' suburbs makes it the ideal retreat for a rainy day, of which Belgium seems to have many. You only pay for the kids, which is fair given that the parents can't exactly use the facility to play. The play areas have video monitoring that allows parents to sit in the central area and observe their kids, while also enjoying a book or catching up with online interests using their gratis WiFi. The door access also is controlled, which is important given our security-conscious world, so no one can come in randomly off the street. If the weather is nice, there are some outdoor cart areas, where the kids can drive around a mock driving course. The cafeteria has a reasonable menu with a decent selection of hot meals and beverages. Ok, so why only three stars? First, in certain areas, items seem a little shabby and it appears that the facility owners probably could spend a little more time on maintenance and or cleaning. While that is forgivable, since kids are unforgiving to the equipment, I was a little more frustrated about the issue of water. Planet Kid's policy is that no one can bring their own food or beverages. So, you have to buy their water. Unfortunately, they don't serve tap water without some flavored additives (a pitcher of which costs 4 Euros) and their fancy bottled mineral water also will run you 4 Euros (practically the cost of admission). If you opt for just a glass of water in a plastic cup, that's 1.20 Euros. Yeah. With kids running around like mad and sweating, keeping them hydrated could be a costly affair. In my mind, easy access to water is akin to easy access to toilets, but again that's just me. Lastly, I find it a little unfair when places that charge admission still have features inside that require coins to operate. The outdoor race courses have some electric cars that require 1 Euro and only run for a minute. Two kids, and a couple rounds later, you've paid your admission again. All that said, I still can see myself going back again thanks to the location and the fact that my two boys (5/8) had a blast and kept themselves entertained without complaint for four hours. Life is give and take, so in the overall cost-benefits analysis, Planet Kid's breaks even.This is a personal opinion of a KiddieMundo user.

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    Practical info

    Grote Geeststraat 10
    1933 Zaventem, Belgium
    +32 02/784.28.26


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