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KiddieMundo LLC – Discover Fun Things to Do With Children Anywhere You Go

New community-driven online platform gives parents an interactive solution to make family travel easier by providing information about kid-friendly places all over the world. It is also a valuable tool for expat and families who moved to another city and search for children activities in their new place of residence.

With, parents will be able to search for activities and children-specific attractions not only based on location, but also by type of activity, recommended age, suggested length of stay, price, strollers/wheelchairs access, English language availability and many other useful filters.

KiddieMundo was created by parents for parents, providing a powerful community platform where its members can easily search and filter through parent-approved attractions in different parts of the world, share their own favorite kid-friendly places and activities, add review, ask questions, and exchange tips about family outings. In this community, parents and caregivers are the experts. The website is a great source for expats and travelers, as well as parents who prefer not to roam far but are interested in finding fun places in their own backyard.

The startup was co-founded by two moms: Gosia Wolfe, who has years of experience in product management, advertising and communication; along with Anna de Santis, a former advertising executive and creative designer. Both founders created KiddieMundo out of love for family travel, to transform the way parents navigate kid-friendly activities, accommodations and restaurants – anywhere in the world. As parents and long-term expats they noticed how frustrating and time-consuming it was to comb through multiple websites in order to find reliable family-friendly attractions and fun activities for their kids. No matter the destination they kept finding the same cliché top 10 tourist attractions (often not so family-friendly after all) and it was almost impossible to find unique places known only to the locals.

After beta testing, the new website is now live for all users. The sleek, interactive site lets users search for family-friendly venues and activities by location or type using a variety of filters. With a few clicks, parents can search by recommended age of visitors and length of stay, and whether the facility is free of charge, has public transportation access, baby changing stations or is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. In addition, users can add their own favorite venues, review those already listed, ask questions, and share their insights.

The site is in the early stages of populating its listing (such as things to do, accommodations, and restaurants), and will ultimately rely on crowdsourcing to reach its full potential.

KiddieMundo is also working on a mobile app that will help parents to navigate family-friendly places on the go.

The site is not currently structured for profit and will remain free for all individual users.

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Quick facts:

KiddieMundo was created for parents who:

  • Like to travel and spend their free time in an active way;
  • Moved to a new city or country;
  • Want to introduce their kids to an array of exciting places and activities;
  • Are always looking for new kid-friendly destinations, places and attractions;
  • Enjoy sharing information about the family-friendly places they visited, know, or have heard about; and
  • Are eager to help other parents and caregivers by giving feedback and recommend their favorite kid-friendly activities.

With KiddieMundo parents can:  

  • Find exactly what they’re looking for & SEARCH for parent-recommended activities by type, location, child’s age & more;
  • Make the best of their time with kids & DISCOVER children’s attractions in their neighborhood or places they plan to visit;
  • Share their expert opinion & REVIEW places they visited to help other parents stay better informed;
  • Let others in on their latest finds & SHARE their latest discoveries of kid-friendly attractions, museums, restaurants & hotels.

With KiddieMundo parents will quickly:

  • get last minute ideas for things to do with kids anywhere they are;
  • discover kid friendly attractions or activities while traveling;
  • find places that will suit their family’s unique needs;
  • plan stress-free family trips full of interesting activities so they can make the best of their time;
  • learn about kid-friendly places they never knew existed;
  • find “insider” tips shared by other parents and caregivers.