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Things to do in Brussels, Belgium +30km (45)

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    Aqualibi is an indoor waterpark, in the style of a tropical island, wh...

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    The Atomium is described on its website as a mythical building from ...

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    Autoworld gives its visitors a great opportunity to learn about cars a...

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    Aventure Parc

    Aventure Parc (English: Adventure Park) is a family-friendly outdoor p...

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    Bloso Domain Hofstade

    The Bloso sports centre “Domain Hofstade” features a large recrea...

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    Brussels Planetarium

    Brussels Planetarium is one of the largest in Europe. It invites famil...

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    Brussels Tram Museum

    The Brussels Tram Museum (full name: The Brussels Urban Transport Mu...

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    Castle Club

    Castle Club is a sport center located in Wozembeek that offers range o...

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    Danz Royal

    Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) offers classical ballet training to boys ...

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    De Nekker

    De Nekker is recreational area near Brussels where you can swim in the...

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    Floralia Groot-Bijgaarden

    Floral is a real treasure for the families who love flowers, castles a...

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    Georges Henri Park Playground

    The Georges Henri Park playground is designed for children 3 to 12 yea...